Connecting people with God, with His Church and with His Purpose.

Lifeclass is a 9-week course designed to strengthen a new Christian’s faith in Christ. Life Class will guide students through the core elements of what it means to follow Jesus, and prepare them for encountering God in a life-changing way. Do you need a fresh start? Do you want to encounter Jesus? Do you want to know who Jesus is and develop a personal relationship with Him? Then Life Class is for you!

A simple and proven method to build disciples.

Lifeclass changes the way people are discipled and impact the holistic growth of the church as it builds, launches, and maintains healthy groups that change their church life.

What is the difference between a Life Group and Lifeclass?

A life group is a place of encouragement and compassion, support and spiritual growth. The incredible transformations of life can take place in a room in a home where people take care of each other and help each other understand and apply biblical truth to real-life situations.

On the other hand, Lifeclass, it is a place to connect before experiencing a Life Group. Lifeclass is more than a Bible study or a small group, Lifeclass is a catalyst for life change and deepens your relationship with God, His Church, and His Purpose.

Join a Rooted Group today!

Through Lifeclass and Life Groups, you will begin to see God in a new and different way and He will begin to redefine His plan in your life. If you have questions about Lifeclass and Life Groups or want to join a group, fill out our form.